Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life stuff (updates)

So things at my house have gotten pretty crazy. My dad thought he was going to lose his job (my mom only works part time for min wage) so we were worried about our house. He ended up being fine but he got a job offer from an old friend to work with him in Nebraska, I won't go into details but it is an amazing deal! He and my mom (and my lil sis if she can) are going to go visit him and see if they would like the work sometime soon. That means my boyfriend and I may have to either go with them or find somewhere else to live. SO I CAN'T MAKE PLANS TO DO ANYTHING AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS.

Also our friends that we were going to go with to Anthrocon have broken up and we don't have a room. Another friend offered room space but I CAN'T MAKE PLANS. I understand why I can't plan on anything because Nebraska is far away and we may end up there but I'm still frustrated by it.

In good news I might have a job! I have a lot of embroidery experience so an embroidery shop near where my kitty works might hire me! :D

ok I think I'm done talking for now! I'll update on my suit when I can!