Monday, April 7, 2014


That's right My first fursona fursuit head and first commission of any kind shipped earlier today! I'm just doing my daily stuff and refreshing the page a ton right now. XD

I'm going to probably cry and be a huge sap when my box gets here! Expect that or over the top excitement!  Maybe both. I will probably put her on in the unboxing video and then maybe shoot a few other videos if I have time! I'm planning so many things and she's barely left my makers home! XD

I'll be doing an unboxing video and I'll be posting that here when it's up but if you want to see my other videos or subscribe for an actual notification Click here! I also have my current fursuit account here! (Yep Empi is my fragile sweetheart xp and silly husky kangaroo)

If you want to commission my maker I will say that she has been wonderful the entire time I worked with her! I've seen three or four of her suits up close and worn my friends a couple of times and I'm very happy with my choice so far! Check out her stuff on her website: She is opening for new commisions soon so send in your quote now!

Here is a review of my friends suit Gale (the one I tried on and love to pieces) on Fursuit Critique's of FA!