Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So Free Cone Day was cool!

We ended up not suiting because my friends couldn't make it, which was ok. I had fun anyway and it probably would have been better had my boyfriend and I known it was going to get cold. We ended up leaving a while after my parents came to get my sister and went with them to Denny's for supper. This was all after my cousin disappeared and we went looking for him for like an hour. So things could have been a lot better but they weren't all bad. :) Ate a LOT of ice cream and had a good time other than the couple hiccups. I do wish we had gone to tea but Kibby had to be home to get up early tomorrow morning. x.x

I really hope my suit is here tomorrow... I'm not going to be happy if it's late and it has not moved (as far as tracking it goes) since this morning before we got up. I'm a state over it should at least be IN my state by now! -__-; COME ON USPS!!!