Saturday, April 12, 2014


So if I don't post as often it's because I'm working a lot and I forget to post things when I'm tired. OOPS!

I found an embroidery shop nearby that does signs and screen printing as well as embroider stuff and I'm super excited to work again! I wish I could sleep less and still not feel gross though. I usually need a ton of sleep to feel good and working 9am to 5pm all week is quite tiring for me(I have depression so I'm usually tired anyway). I do have weekends off though, which is really cool! So hopefully I'll be able to do videos and other stuff still!

I think I'm going to do my "youtube comments" video first because it's been on hold till I got my Runzi head... but now that I have her I really should just do it! Roko already posted her's so I'm behind!