Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lot of stuff has happened!

I have had a ton of stuff happen in my personal life and I'm not going to write about it all right now as I would write forever.

I have a ton of pictures posted of my Runzi head (with temporary hand paws and tail) out and about on church street!

(from left to right) Runzi, Apo and Rally!

The three of us again! now with more hooman!

Runzi answers what does the fox say for the millionth time!

Church street! Wonder why it's called that!? ;p

(From left to right) Rally, me(Runzi), Apo, and JT!

Runzi barks at a thing while rally notices the camera guy.

Walking to the park.

"Dogs must be leashed" that means you guys!
All of these pictures were taken by Doniago on FA
My FA(Runzi333): Here!
Rally's FA: Here!
Apo's FA: Here!
and JT's FA: Here!

I really love fursuiting on church street! It's nice to walk around and be silly with my friends but it's pretty great that I get to do that and make people smile! I wish we had some more pictures of the people we had ask for pictures because they were really fun! On this trip in particular Apo was abducted by interpretive dancers and Rally and I had to go save him. x3 We had two people scream at us, one was an excited little girl and the other was an odd teen across the park from us. We also had a lot of fun just running around and dancing and goofing around with the street performers!
also sidenote no one thinks you're funny or original when you ask what does the fox say. -_-; I have heard it more times than I care to count.