Friday, August 8, 2014

Let's talk about Kika!

Hi everyone! I wanted to plug my other blog for a minute! For many of you this won't make a lot of sense as you may be unfamiliar with the programs and such but the end result is something anyone who likes japanese music and/or animation(ish) stuff would enjoy!

I have an UTAUloid named K-03 Kika! She's my little singing android! UTAU is a program that synthesizes singing by using voice samples and an UTAUloid is the character people create to represent their voice when put through the program! Yep a make your own japanese idol program! ;P (this is a very very short description! If you wish to know more you can ask me or google UTAU)

Now my Kika is very important to me and I have quite a few internet things dedicated to her! I have her blog find it here! She also has her own Google+ page and Youtube account where I keep all of her stuff (for those who want to subscribe for her stuff and not my other silly Runzi stuff)!

I think I've mentioned before but I also have a soundcloud account here where I repost dumb silly things and other UTAU users amazing stuff as well as sneak peeks at Kika projects I am working on! (also I'm on twitter for those of you who are there and ever want to chat!)

Kika is japanese for mechanical because she is a robot of sorts!(Actually the name is a coincidence, I thought it sounded nice Xp ) Her model number is K-03 which is show like a tattoo on her upper right arm and she is loosely based on an old design I made in middle school and the vocaloid who got me into this whole mess in the first place Hatsune Miku (look her up she is a huge part of my life!). If you go to her blog you will see the two models I have edited to make her and the few videos I have up of her singing and dancing away! She has a backstory that leads into a comic/manga/idk?? I'm planning on doing in the FAR future! XD

So if you have any questions feel free to ask! (if you want to ask anonymously you can do so on my tumblr if you can get past the ugly theme I have right now x3 )

Have all the links! xp