Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So much loss and a lot of depression.

My last post was about robin Williams... We also lost another amazing comic... yep I'm talking about Joan Rivers... I will miss them both.

My little dog Poco was hit a few weeks ago as well... I don't like talking abou sad stuff like this though.

I can't go fursuiting either. There is apparently a mask ordinance on church street that they haven't cared about since the sixties. A new suiter was stopped by a cop and now we have to figure out permits and thank dog the city likes us and is helping us as much as they can. I really appreciate that they understand why we do it and want to help, that's just really cool of them.

Things have just not been going my way... my bf and I have spent almost all of our savings on the car all of a sudden and now we need new phones and to pay rent and everything and I just feel like I can't keep up and I'll never get to save up for the things I want. Like a friend of mine is going to make me fursuit feet and I even sent her the money but I can't get to the post office and send her the stuff for trade and the shoes to build them on. I'm so close but I can't seem to make it through the final stretch. It's not a huge deal compared to many things but it's so close and I CAN NOT seem to get it and that is incredibly frustrating. I don't have the best job and I don't mind saving up but it makes me feel worse about my life that I can't seem to get anything to work.

My computer has also bitten the dust so I can't work on anything which adds to my frustration and stress levels. I feel like shit, look like shit, and can't do shit and it's terrible. Right now I don't want much past being able to save what little money I get and spend some of it on some shit for me. I feel like I'm giving everything away right now and it just sucks.

Bleh end rant for now, sorry for the negativity but I've lost a lot personally lately and I'm feeling so down.