Saturday, October 25, 2014

Room makeover and VT furs.

Zaky decided to give the room a good cleaning and rearrange it while I was at work a week or two ago and it looks great! I really love the layout and everything just fits a lot better. I'm going to make sure I have some sort of set up that makes me keep it clean though because I end up being messy because I'm always rushing to do stuff or really tired.

So in other news the VT Furs have gotten good news! We can suit on church street again! We ended up getting a permit! This means we are an official group with a roster and everything, so that's cool and not so cool. It's cool because now if there is a problem with someone who calls themselves part of VT furs and actually isn't, the police and town know it wasn't us, it's not so cool because we don't know a lot about where we can and can't go yet and if someone wants to visit we aren't sure how to go about adding them or if we would need to for a one day thing. So there are bugs to work out but I'm excited.

Friday, October 24, 2014


So  recently got invited to try out Ello.
Ello is a social networking site that focuses on privacy. I really love the approach and they are based in my state! I find it quite interesting and I'll probably write about it here but for now I think I'll just leave a link for those of you who would like to see my page.