Saturday, December 6, 2014

Just having a bad day

Today was day one of my working weekend (my schedule is usually a weekend on a weekend off) and it was much worse than usual.
It started off alright with our usual skeleton crew but my coworkers and I noticed it was going by really slowly. Even slow days are ok for me as long as I'm not a cashier for any part of the day. Yeah I wasn't supposed to be on register at all today but a coworker we have been having... *ahem* problems with call out sick for the last time. Our boss had to let them go and did so when they called. This in and of itself is fine but that leaves our meager staff out a person for the day as it is near impossible to call someone in on a Saturday and leaves our boss in a very irritable mood.
So after all of the fuss I end up on register for the afternoon. Yep the one job there I really hate is the one I was pushed into. I guess I could have said no I'd rather something else but I don't like to do that at work. I want to seem reliable even in things I don't particularly love to do. This fun news was sprung on me in the middle of my shift. This meant I had to text my bf that my lunch had been moved a half hour earlier and I almost didn't get to see him. This is also a small thing most of the time but for me it was one MORE thing to add to an already stressful day. I ended up closing the deli like I was originally supposed to do so it got a little bit better.
I think it would have been fine after that but my dad got in this really weird grumpy mood and yelled at my sis and me for not stopping what we were doing immediately to help clean. Once again not a big deal but I don't like being told off for not asking how high when someone says jump. This incident led to my bf taking my dad's side before listening to the whole story and causing another stupid fight that was easily avoidable.

So sorry readers! This is a life/vent post and I won't lie and says it's the last but I have less ways of venting than I used to so this was important.
Communication is very important and today it broke Doan everywhere I went and I'm not really sure it had much to do with me. So make sure your always clear and concise or fighting will ensue.

Also I hope to be posting a ton more now that I haggle switched phones!