Sunday, July 26, 2015

I'm terrible, sorry!

I want to post here more so I'll try doing that! x.x

Life has been rather interesting as of late. Zak and I moved from the one room we were renting from my parents to a small apartment like space at the front of the house where we will soon be having one of my longest friends as a room mate. I've changed jobs and will have to again very soon unfortunately.

I think the biggest news of late has been our trip to Pittsburgh to go visit Zak's parents and go to Anthrocon! We have tried a few times and had things come up preventing us from going but this year we made it! I'll be throwing together a video so I'll post it and an over view of the trip later.

I've been busy with life\stress and going from two jobs one week to full time the next to one day a week shortly after that. I really liked the second job but they lost some money and had to cut me and  few others down.