Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back to the rant of the day! Professors with unrealistic expectations!

Normally I have no issues with the teaching methods of my teachers, I know how I learn best and that might not always line up with their methods but I still respect how they teach. I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with this one teacher though. She started the class by explaining how she understood that as community college students many of us have a lot going on outside of class and that she would be planning on that. I've deduced that she is either thinking we do very little other than school or doesn't actually care. She has since given us a project to do in groups that we need to meet outside of class, almost no homework on certain days and tons on others, and I've now had to print 11 pages of an internet article I was told to read before class and still print and bring in?

I do not have the time or money to print 11 pages of something just so you are certain I read it and actually took the online test to get to the information. I don't mind talking about my results or proving I took the test but 11 pages of stuff I've already read because you asked me to is expensive and excessive.

I don't like this class and it's because of the teacher. I like 90% of the class if not all of them but this teacher is driving me up a wall. I like her as a person but she gets too stressed out teaching and doesn't accurately understand life outside of her own.