Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Working away!

I've suddenly become so busy! I need to keep up with something so I'm going to try and keep this and other places updated to keep myself sane! I want to write a lot more so that's my plan.

I've started college this year and so far so good! Right now it's just part time at the community college but I hope to be headed to my school of choice next year! I'm much more busy but I think I'll be happier with this school stuff in my resume for jobs I actually want to have.

Speaking of jobs I stopped working at the discount store and print shop and I'm now full time at a hotel as the front desk person! I really like it even though it's tougher than a lot of jobs I've had before. I hope I can do well at this job and I don't overwork myself with it and school. Right now school is what is really important so if it comes to choosing I'll just have to find other work.

I've done so much since I posted here last! I need to talk all about Splatoon, costuming, UTAU stuff, and so much other cool stuff!!