Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New year, New everything!

Wow I haven't posted here in a long time. My life got crazy, out of control, and miserable for a little while.

I'm happy to report that it did get better! My father was right, as he usually is in these such matters, in his usual saying of "This too shall pass". I'm now in a very happy and very healthy relationship with a wonderful man named Tae and I'm having a lot of luck in my school work! The only thing I don't have going for me (knock on wood!) right now is my job. I'm working a seasonal job that took a long break and isn't going to be going on much longer. I really need to find something more solid soon!

As for this website I'm not sure what  should do with it. I want to keep updating it and I think I'll keep using it as a blog but I wish I had something professional to show for what I've done too. I think I'll have to look into a website for myself that works like a portfolio and I thought about doing that here but I think this particular blog might work better as it is for me.

I'm working on so many things right now! I just started to very heavily work on making my own 3D models from scratch and I'm also learning to play the mandolin, Tae knows a great many musical things! I'm drawing a lot more and I'm taking classes that actually really help me in that direction instead of the "needed to graduate" type of courses. This semester it's a Drawing 2 class and color theory, I'm also taking an intro to anthropology class which will help me in character design I think.

I'm going to try and post some artwork I've done for class and other work I've been up to. I feel like I never finish anything but that's not true and I think posting all of it will help me see the work I've done differently.

So I hope you stick around to see what I'm capable of and the crazy ideas I have in store!