Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What a week!

Things got crazy for a while there! I got the job cleaning but it really isn't enough hours, I'll have to find something else soon. I've been working on classwork mostly and a little bit of 3D modeling when I have time. I've been teaching myself Metasequoia with the help of some youtube videos!

so far I have a face a little farther along than this work in progress:
I'm really liking the progress I'm making even if it's a bit slower than I would like. I really hope I can make something by myself without using other peoples models, I have nothing against doing that it's just not how I want to be doing things forever.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Some other art!

I did this for a friend on twitter! It's part of my sketches I'm doing for commissions!

I also drew my Wyrm from Cruinndrac farms! She needed a bit of a fix and I thought it was funny so she got a doodle!

And also here is a picture of her:

I'm working on a few more sketches for twitter so keep an eye out!

New job? And a college rant!

I had an interview after class yesterday but I'm not sure if the job is going to work... When I was talking to the people over email they wanted me to work certain hours and in another city but instead I'm working much fewer hours and in a different place? I'm not sure if  this will work because it's really not what we talked about and I will probably need real hours.

The college rant! This isn't a really huge rant just a short, not very upset one. I'm in a drawing class currently. It's the second class in the set of drawing classes. This class is important to me and what I want to do with my career. This being said, there is something else wildly different this semester than the previous class I was in. This class has a group of high school students in it. For the most part these kids are fine and don't cause much of a fuss but they are so very obviously high school students. They are too shy to talk during class at times but will idly chat constantly to each other and occasional I have to ignore a conversation or two that even I find childish (this is saying something). I'm not that upset or ranting heavily because they mean well and for the most part they behave. The problem I have is that the teacher of this class seems to be slowing us all down to keep pace with them. I did not pay that much money to be slowed down by high school kids who are there for free. I know that might seem mean and I'm not that much older but this is really important and I really don't want to go back to the high school atmosphere and I can't afford to waste time in this class.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day

I've never felt like Valentine's Day was a super important holiday for me. I like the idea and later in my school life I liked giving small gifts to my friends but that was it for a long time. Even when I started dating I never really loved this particular holiday. I don't hate it but I just don't get excited about it like I do with other holidays. My family is pretty crazy about holidays and we even get stuff for each other for Valentine's Day but we don't get super excited.

A good example of what I mean is with Tae this year. He and I didn't really celebrate it at all past saying Happy Valentine's Day to each other. I'm not concerned, upset, or even remotely bothered that we didn't do gifts or even hang out much because I just don't feel the holiday love for this one. It's a sweet gesture to give gifts and appreciate the love you have from and for friends and family. I like the holiday but it's just not as important to me as other holidays. I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot and I don't mean to but I can't quite come up with the words I need I think. Anyway that's my thoughts on the matter!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Drawing and commissions!

I spent a good portion of the day drawing and practicing art. I also decided to take commissions for a little while to see if people would be interested! So I'll post the examples and prices and stuff here!
So the sketches are like this:

And like this:

The full body sketches like these are 6$ and just a head shot of a character would be 3$! I also draw ponies so sketches of them would be 3$ and vectors if people wanted them would be like 9$.
Example of pony art is:

If people here want to get art from me you can find me on twitter and deviant art in the links to the left or you can message me here or at the actual site I'm using, Ko-fi, by pressing the button at the top right!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Snowy snowy!

I went to work early today because last night they asked us to start at seven because of the incoming snow storm. We just got let out a couple hours early because it's starting to come down hard.  I think we're supposed to get 18 inches or something which would be the most we've gotten this season I believe.

I'm really glad Tae is picking me up! I haven't seen him in almost a week which is not too bad but I usually spend a good chunk of the week with him so it's been weird. I just miss him a lot and maybe we're still in the honeymoon phase but I'm okay with that.

I'm also wondering if I'll be able to get to class or my interviews tomorrow since it's supposed to keep showing through tomorrow morning. We'll just have to see in the morning I guess!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Still no solid answers?

Yesterday I felt more confused and frustrated after the meeting with the admissions person than before. I was hoping she could explain better what she meant by missed requirements but it really seemed like she had no idea what was needed just that I didn't meet it. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what I needed to change and getting almost nowhere, she told me I could email the person in charge of the major I wanted to get into and see if they could give me a better idea of what I needed and missed. So on the ride home that is exactly what I did!

I just got a response back today and they want to see one more piece of art from me and that will help them figure out exactly where we stand. So I'll be working on that soon and I think it will really help! So keep your fingers crossed for me!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Mildly annoyed and kind of stressed out.

I just got out of my drawing class and now I'm waiting for a meeting with the other college admissions person. Class was fun and I think I got a fair amount done despite the high school group being extra rambunctious. I think they are sweet and mostly mean well but I really don't enjoy some of the dumb things they say or the extra quiet times when they have no courage to speak.  I was there once in my life so I won't give them too much of a hard time but they need to understand that this is not highschool and while they get the class for free I most certainly do not.

I'm worried about this meeting but I think it will go well. Worst comes to worse I have to find a new college and there are plenty that will be more than happy to take an honor student. I'm so proud that I actually made phi theta kappa! I've never done so well in school and I'm working my hardest so it's nice to get a little recognition of that!

Could have been worse!

I didn't have a "good time" at the dentist but it wasn't as awful as I thought. I'm surprised that I didn't have worse teeth but I'm glad it's not too bad so far. They think I have a few cavities but they also think they can fix it so I'm not so freaked out. It had been way too long since I had gone for anything at a dentists' office and it was long overdue. I go back for another cleaning soon which will be nice.

Today was crazy the weather was awful and I just didn't have the nerve to be on the road after the dentist and the accident last Friday so I had to call out of work which really sucks. I hardly ever call out of work because I really hate it and it's not a good thing to have to do. I also apparently needed a day because I was so tired that I took a nap that ended up much longer than I wanted!

Tomorrow is my drawing class and then an interview with a college. I'm excited but also a bit mad so I'll see how things go and give you all a report after!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

At the dentist.

I'm terrified. I hate going to the dentist. I know I don't take care of my teeth well enough and when I was younger I was at the dentist a lot. It's been years since I was here and I know my teeth are in bad shape. I am really freaked out. I know one of them is broken too and I don't know what they're going to do with that. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos. ABSOULUTLY NOT!

So for those of you still on the fence about milo how about just a couple of articles?





He outed a trans student at their school and quite literally caused them harm, not to mention they couldn't go back to class for a while. He's a monster and he's not getting a pass just because he's gay or Jewish. That's no excuse for the bigotry he shows. I'll probably post something more detailed soon but I really get irritated with people giving him excuses for his terrible behavior.

I'm sorry if you think this is ff topic for this blog but it's really not. I'm very outspoken on these topics and others similar. I'll try not to overwhelm this space with that but if you just want art follow my twitter or deviant art.

New stuff!

I added a bunch of new stuff to the blog and one of the things itself is really new and fun!

So I added new links to the links section on the left! I had a few other places I wanted to show you and have connected to this site!

One of the links is a brand new page! I made a twitter that is just for art and 3D models/MMD/PMD/UTAU stuff! I'll be posting there more regularly too! There are a bunch of other links that were on a different page but I consolidated it a bit!

If you have some time to check them out I would appreciate it! I'm also still offering small sketches for those who buy me a coffee with the button on the top right of the page!

Monday, February 6, 2017

New art! Work in grey scale!

I did another project for color theory and wanted to share it!

It's inspired by Matthew Ellero who you should really check out! See his stuff here!

I really loved the cut out artwork he does so I wanted to see if I could do this digitally! I like it but I think I'll be doing it again at some point with some changes.

Taxes and anthropology part 2!

I'm now out of class and with Tae while I wait for him to get his taxes done. My parents taxes get very confusing and sometimes it's better for them to claim me since I'm in school so I just give them what they need for the nice lady who does their taxes.

Class was cool. He's mostly a lecturer which doesn't actually bother me but he says he's getting the basics covered for us to have a better conversation in the future which will be nice. Conversational classes are some of my favorite because I just really do well in that setting. I really hope I can knock these classes out of the park this semester.

Anthropology class!

Anthropology is a class that I actually find very interesting. The professor for it reminds me a bit of Tony Stark from the Iron Man movies! I like it but I'm not sure how to observe a group of people like he wants us to do. I can't use other classes or my family but I don't do anything else regularly. I was going to do Walden but now I'm not sure I can because I don't have a car! This past year and this one so far have been obscenely stressful. I feel bad for Tae too because he's been so helpful and I can't help him out. I'm not sure what to do right now.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lady Gaga and some art wips!

I love Lady Gaga! I was so happy to watch her perform! I'm also glad she didn't lip-sync because while there is a time and place for that the superbowl was not it. I think she rocked it and I'm glad I watched.

I'm sad the patriots are catching up a bit but I hope the falcons win!

Also I was working on a picture so I decided to post a work in progress piece! Just a cute fox!
Sorry If you don't like the watermark I'm always worried about art theft. :/

Watching the superbowl.

I've never watched sports really. I watch the Olympics sometimes or if someone else is watching then I won't really interrupt them. So this is interesting. Tae wanted to watch the superbowl today, He doesn't watch very often but I understand he wants to watch this so I said sure!

So far it's been interesting. I'm not a big fan of the patriots because of how they run the team and how they treat others so I'm glad that right now the falcons are kicking their butt! I've never really understood the game itself but I can understand the kind of intense physical strength these guys have and the dedication they have to the game.

I was sad but not surprised to here that Tom Brady is a trump supporter. I mean he's a rich white male, it's probably in his best interest to do so but that doesn't make it okay or in the best interest of America. Supporting someone like trump ultimately means you do not support rape victims, women, black people, Muslims, Mexican people, Jewish people, or many others.

So even in sports that I hardly watch I'm still stuck thinking about the cheeto in chief who is, not so slowly, destroying America. Give us your poor and hungry right?

Another day another homework assignment!

I'm working away today on homework for this week! I had tried to do it earlier and I got a fair amount done but not all of it. Then I got behind a bit with the last stuff because of the accident and getting my car back yesterday. I'm glad my teachers are really great this semester and totally understand. 

Yesterday I was whisked away for a nice date with Tae after I spent most of the day getting my car. There was a company holiday party for the solar company he works for which he took me to and we had a great time talking to everyone and trying out the wine they made there. He liked the beer better since the white wine I tried was very sweet. I love sweet wine so I had that!

I'm sad about my car still but what happened, happened and I have to accept that and move forward. I get very sentimental about things and have a hard time letting go a lot. I'm so sad I can't really thank my car for saving me and I can't fix it. 
So here's to you PT I really loved you and I appreciate everything you did for me. You got me everywhere I needed to go and you saved my life when the road got tough. I loved you and we had a great time, Thank you.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

I rolled my car.

I rolled my car yesterday. I'm alright. I was a little shaken up and I'm sore but about this time yesterday I was crawling out of the passengers side front door of my upside down car. I've never been in an "accident" before. I've gone into the ditch or gotten stuck but nothing worse than a dent or two and a bruised pride. This was not really a small accident but it could have been a lot worse. My car is not in good shape but I'm so thankful I came out okay. It was really crazy to be upside-down in a car, the actual idea of it is scary but when it's happening it's just really odd. One minute I'm sliding a bit in the slush and then I'm upside-down in the ditch. I'm really thankful that I'm okay though.

I'm really upset that my car got crunched... I just got it on the road and it was MY car. I've never had a car before so it really sucks that I'm going to have to borrow one. I'm grateful it won't be too much of a problem to do that because it could have been really bad if I had no ride at all. I know this is a bit of a first world problem but I was so excited to have my own car for the first time and not have to ask my parents to use theirs. There are worse things that could have happened definitely, and I'm really super lucky that I have back up, but I'm still kind of sad.

To recap, I got into an accident but I'm okay, I'm back home safe and sound. I'm sad about my car and it's certainly not great for me to not have it but I'll be fine. I'm so grateful I'm safe but I'm sad it happened.

I took some pictures of the car when we went to go get it today. The red stuff on the grill and coming out from under the hood is transmission fluid. Also that's my mom in the second and third picture.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Ko-fi! What is it and why use it?

I recently came across this website called Ko-fi that some of the people I follow on twitter use. I was curious when my twitter feed said something like "someone just bought @artistnamehere a coffee!".

What is Ko-fi?
Well Ko-fi is a website that uses pay pal to allow people to send money/tips/etc. to artists, usually a small amount like that of a cup of coffee. If you have goals you want to reach, the site is also set up for that! The button in the upper right corner of this page is how you get to my Ko-fi page. The button is very interesting and Ko-fi allows for many different coding types to make sure your button can be seen on most sites!

Why use it?
Well it's free, really friendly and professional looking, and it's a nice way to show support to other creators.
Who wouldn't like a free cup of coffee or other such drink?
I think that this is a really interesting way to do something nice for others and to support artists and other creators. Many of the people I see on this site are very similar to my own situation where they would like to make a living on their art but don't really know where to start. There are also seasoned artists on there that view this site as an alternative to patreon or any other such monthly system!

Why do I have one?
I decided this was a good step towards taking commissions for my art. I'm not super comfortable with my art so I've not been comfortable with taking commissions on it. I also work in a lot of places so it's nice that I can put the button almost anywhere! I also really love the thought of a small act of kindness such as buying someone a coffee, I really think it's nice and now with thew power of the internet you don't need to be at the same coffee shop!
If you want to buy me a coffee I would really appreciate it but don't feel like you have to! I may sometimes put up rewards for buying me a coffee, like for right now you can get a sketch of something you'd like from me in return! I'll try to always post that here so those of you who read this know what I'm offering at any given time.

So if you feel like checking it out definitely do! The link to my page is the button on the top right or if you want the homepage click here!