Sunday, February 5, 2017

Another day another homework assignment!

I'm working away today on homework for this week! I had tried to do it earlier and I got a fair amount done but not all of it. Then I got behind a bit with the last stuff because of the accident and getting my car back yesterday. I'm glad my teachers are really great this semester and totally understand. 

Yesterday I was whisked away for a nice date with Tae after I spent most of the day getting my car. There was a company holiday party for the solar company he works for which he took me to and we had a great time talking to everyone and trying out the wine they made there. He liked the beer better since the white wine I tried was very sweet. I love sweet wine so I had that!

I'm sad about my car still but what happened, happened and I have to accept that and move forward. I get very sentimental about things and have a hard time letting go a lot. I'm so sad I can't really thank my car for saving me and I can't fix it. 
So here's to you PT I really loved you and I appreciate everything you did for me. You got me everywhere I needed to go and you saved my life when the road got tough. I loved you and we had a great time, Thank you.