Saturday, February 4, 2017

I rolled my car.

I rolled my car yesterday. I'm alright. I was a little shaken up and I'm sore but about this time yesterday I was crawling out of the passengers side front door of my upside down car. I've never been in an "accident" before. I've gone into the ditch or gotten stuck but nothing worse than a dent or two and a bruised pride. This was not really a small accident but it could have been a lot worse. My car is not in good shape but I'm so thankful I came out okay. It was really crazy to be upside-down in a car, the actual idea of it is scary but when it's happening it's just really odd. One minute I'm sliding a bit in the slush and then I'm upside-down in the ditch. I'm really thankful that I'm okay though.

I'm really upset that my car got crunched... I just got it on the road and it was MY car. I've never had a car before so it really sucks that I'm going to have to borrow one. I'm grateful it won't be too much of a problem to do that because it could have been really bad if I had no ride at all. I know this is a bit of a first world problem but I was so excited to have my own car for the first time and not have to ask my parents to use theirs. There are worse things that could have happened definitely, and I'm really super lucky that I have back up, but I'm still kind of sad.

To recap, I got into an accident but I'm okay, I'm back home safe and sound. I'm sad about my car and it's certainly not great for me to not have it but I'll be fine. I'm so grateful I'm safe but I'm sad it happened.

I took some pictures of the car when we went to go get it today. The red stuff on the grill and coming out from under the hood is transmission fluid. Also that's my mom in the second and third picture.