Friday, February 10, 2017

Mildly annoyed and kind of stressed out.

I just got out of my drawing class and now I'm waiting for a meeting with the other college admissions person. Class was fun and I think I got a fair amount done despite the high school group being extra rambunctious. I think they are sweet and mostly mean well but I really don't enjoy some of the dumb things they say or the extra quiet times when they have no courage to speak.  I was there once in my life so I won't give them too much of a hard time but they need to understand that this is not highschool and while they get the class for free I most certainly do not.

I'm worried about this meeting but I think it will go well. Worst comes to worse I have to find a new college and there are plenty that will be more than happy to take an honor student. I'm so proud that I actually made phi theta kappa! I've never done so well in school and I'm working my hardest so it's nice to get a little recognition of that!