Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day

I've never felt like Valentine's Day was a super important holiday for me. I like the idea and later in my school life I liked giving small gifts to my friends but that was it for a long time. Even when I started dating I never really loved this particular holiday. I don't hate it but I just don't get excited about it like I do with other holidays. My family is pretty crazy about holidays and we even get stuff for each other for Valentine's Day but we don't get super excited.

A good example of what I mean is with Tae this year. He and I didn't really celebrate it at all past saying Happy Valentine's Day to each other. I'm not concerned, upset, or even remotely bothered that we didn't do gifts or even hang out much because I just don't feel the holiday love for this one. It's a sweet gesture to give gifts and appreciate the love you have from and for friends and family. I like the holiday but it's just not as important to me as other holidays. I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot and I don't mean to but I can't quite come up with the words I need I think. Anyway that's my thoughts on the matter!