Saturday, March 4, 2017

A girl in orange and a griffon!

I've done more art! If you have a deviant art and want to see them on there I've added links to them directly in the captions!

The first is a girl in three colors, well mostly! I did this drawing for a class and had a great time with it! The goal was to use the analogous colors and I chose yellow, orange, and a red-orange. I also used a mixture of each at half opacity to get skin tones and other small details. I really loved how she came out but I may update her at some point.
Click Here for the Deviant art page!
The next piece is another sketch for a friend on twitter of his griffon character Chiswick! I really liked how this came out too but I think I'd redo the wings on a second go of it. (Chiswick's twitter is in the description on Deviant art if you want to see more of him!)

Click here for the Deviant art page!
If you would like your own artwork from me I do take commissions and as of this posting they are open! I draw a fair amount of different things and would love to draw for you!
My prices are on weasyl or deviant art!