Friday, April 14, 2017

The worst class yet.

This semester I've come across the worst class I've ever taken. I'm in it because I thought it would be helpful but instead it's just a huge pain and at this point a waste of my time and money.

So the class is a color theory class, it is surprising that it's bad since it could be fantastic and super useful! It started off a little weird since it is online. The professor had us buy a very specific set of paints for the class which is a bit odd for an online course but makes sense in that we all need to be using the same colors. I had no issue with this as I thought that the class would have some painting and color mixing in it. Things started to get really odd about the third week or so when the college professor sent us to a Wikihow page for an assignment. Yes the teacher sent us to a free online tutorial on color mixing a color wheel. The Wikihow wasn't even specific to our paints so it made even less sense. I was not impressed but at the same time I didn't think too much of it at that time.

The next few problems I had were much worse. The professor began giving much more work after the forth or fifth week out of the blue and completely messed up my schedule for her class then posted the next weeks assignments days after posting the current weeks so I ended up doing the wrong assignments for one of the weeks. The other problem with all of this is that almost EVERY assignment was painting. I can't paint and have never used this kind of paint before. Not once. I emailed the professor when I started to be late turning in assignments telling her that I was having trouble with the medium and the time it takes to do the work. Her response to almost every email is that she wants me to work harder and that my time management needs work.

OK This I really have a problem with. When I was in high school I totally had major issues with procrastination and I wont pretend that it's not still a bit of a problem for me but college is different. I have ALMOST NEVER been late with an assignment. I knew I was going to have to work my butt of in college to get great grades because I wanted to transfer and my high school grades are not good. I've worked harder on my grades the last two years than all of my school before this. I AM NO LONGER A SLACKER. I cannot afford to be one anymore. I made Phi Theta Kappa this year as a bit of proof of my intent to get the best grades I can.

I've tried everything with this lady and she just keeps asking for outrageous things. At first I thought it was just me being a bit overwhelmed but I asked my other teachers and my adviser who all said she was asking for a bit much with the time we had for the class.

This class is ridiculous and to top it off I'm not really learning anything about color theory. I'm just so disappointed.