Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey every one!

So I'm testing the scheduled gadget so I know if I can change it and stuff :D and I'm setting it up just in case I forget to post tomorrow >_< which I might.... anyway :P I'm getting ready for the Fur meet.... I'm still worried about what will happen.... I might make a new blog just for Fur stuff but I'm not sure yet... bleh I'll figure it out :P so I'll write more at a later date :P thanks I'll tell you how it goes!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Long rant and then fursuiting update!

Big Rant(skip to next paragraph for better stuff) : So the other day was absolutely horrid for 90% of the day..... I actually got to sit and work on my computer.... For like two minutes... Then it was Runzi why haven't you done the dishes or Runzi take care of the litter or Runzi come help me do this stupid little job I can easily do myself but am too lazy to do!!! My goodness today my whole family had a collective iq of a box of rocks! I know their smarter than that! My parents almost ignored me all day, while they built a studio for my mom..... This would be fine but the only time either of them talked to me today was to complain about something I was doing or to compare my friends to each other >_< and then my sister, her friend, and my boyfriend where all yelling at the same time in one room three feet from each other to try and be heard over themselves and the blareing radio.... I was so pissed I turned the radio of and screamed almost as loud as I could for them to be quiet. It worked :/ I mean I was so over loaded I couldnt think so I just screamed "be quiet!"
Yeah then I was told by my father to feed the cat... I was told five times and answered yes hold on I'll feed the cat every time.... I was asked a sixth time after I had fed the cat and yelled that I had done it and for the last time I got it! And was yelled at for attitude -_- im so sick of this already... I dont want to be home because this is all that happens lately -_-; it really pisses me right off....

Yeah that was a bad day but I'm doing better now ^-^ today my friend took me shopping and we talked about stuff that was bothering us and now I feel better :P anyway today was good :D

So tomorrow is my first fur meet.... I'm excited... but I'm also a little worried.... I don't usually care what people think but I really want them to like me... I guess I'm nervous because I don't have a real suit yet... just my tail and half done paws ;_; but I think I'll be welcomed :) most furs are very sweet... Everything for Fursuiting will be in white I think :D makes it stand out :P

still no job... anyway I'll post some more tomorrow :P I need to go to bed to be ready for tomorrow.... I also need to stop being up to ungodly hours -_-; night!

Friday, July 20, 2012

My first update video :P

Just my update on fur stuff and to tell people I'm still alive and not harmed or something :P

Its not very long and the end has cute annoying music ^_^; it also has my new tag :P

OK batman :D and other stuff

So batman was awesome and I'll do a review if people want me too but I don't know yet....

Bleh so I've been really stressed lately... for many personal reasons... os BLEEEEH >_<;;;
I'm editing my videos now though so yeah thats good :P 

The other day I had mouse trouble -_-; so today's Rant Of The Day:
Stupid mouse! I cleaned it and it's only built to move and click anyway! why wont you just do what your supposed to for five minuets!!! bleh computer trouble!

I'll post again in a little while to show you my new video... maybe another one a little later :P its a little update thing ^_^;

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fursuit, job hunting, and other stuff....

Yeah I did go job hunting...... still nothing but I do have other news :D

I've mentioned the yarn tails before and I only have my purple one right now... but I have started on my white with black ones and I've decided that I'm a furry and I'm happy about it :) so I've started on a fursuit of Runzi and will be posting lots of pictures of stuff I'm working on with that :)

Probably late tonight/tomorrow morning I'll have some pictures up of my test hand paws and the yarn tail... yeah after I go see BATMAN!!! if we do go :P anyway....

Also, I will be putting up a video or two of the tail and hand paws(unfinished) just to let people know I'm not dead >_<;;; 

I'll post more later I hope :P see ya later!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bad day and "Rant Of The Day"

Yay a post today! Still really sorry I haven't updated like I've been saying I would but im doing better now :p

Ok so in my last post I mentioned pewdiepie ^_^ he's this really funny guy on youtube that my cousin showed me when she was visiting so I thought I would tell you guys about him ^_^ he mostly does videos of him playing scary games like amnesia! so look him up :D he's super funny!

I'm currently looking for a new job I guess.... I haven't had any hours and now there's new people working there so... I guess I'll be out of work soon -_-;; great.... (read below for more)

I revised my resume and will be printing it tomorrow to hand out to potential bosses....

I'm not very happy...

I also had a bad day because of all this other stress I have from my friends and my boyfriend....

He made me super upset today after I helped him get his friend from the airport...

bad day all around....

this next part is my rant you don't have to read it if you don't want to its just me blowing off steam -_-;
its usually in good humor :P

Rant Of The Day:
So today's rant is about where I work.... I usually don't mind my work. I like working, but I have only worked two days in the last like three months! I have to pay for my phone bill right now and eventually I have to pay for trips and clothes and other important things like collage -_-;; I'm never going to have money at this rate!! I need hours to make money!!! Its even worse now because before it was me my boss and like three other people, one of them just quit/was fired/ went on leave/ I have no idea what actually happened! I thought that would mean more hours for me and the guy I usually see but NOPE no hours for Runzi this week and wouldn't you know? Two new people working! YEAH TWO NEW PEOPLE! I went in today to see my boss and ask for hours and couldn't find him but I DID find two people working that I have never seen... not ONCE have I EVER seen them. So I'm pretty pissed and this isn't even the first time I haven't had hours...
Solution? Tomorrow I look for a new job....

See you all tomorrow! Wish me luck... I'll need it

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey what's up guys!?

Hey so sorry I haven't updated I've had a lot... A LOT... going on :/ good and bad...

I am working on requests for people still and soon I will be posting about yarn tails for people but those will cost money or points or trades... or favors or something >_<

anyway yeah yarn tails are easy to make but take forever and I'm not sure what they will cost yet... I'll have some pictures up on deviant art of a few I have done so far with my friends soon. ^_^

yeah lots going on.... I'll make another post super soon when I have more time ^-^; ugh... yeah... later!

no more pewdiepie videos till I post again! promise!! >_<;;