Thursday, October 31, 2013

So I'm pretty excited for Halloween!

I'm not going to know what we are doing for Halloween until we wake up a little later (It's late!) but I'm still excited!

This may be one of the first years I don't freeze my butt off! It's quite cold out recently but it's only supposed to rain and not snow at least! xp

My boyfriend and I might go up to the outdoor market place to suit with our friends or if they're busy we might just suit around the local area and see who we run into! Although if it does rain we might have to hang out inside and do some kind of tiny chat with anyone else who isn't out and about!

No matter what happens I will have pictures of it!

I Am very excited to be running around as a silly huskaroo doge for Halloween! XD 

I'm sure at some point in the day or night I'll also be celebrating a little wicca but I'm not sure if I'll talk about that more or not...

ALSO! I did decide on a costume for Empire! She will be going as a cute little witch! At least unless I change my mind... But I do have more costume for a witch than anything else... (can't imagine why! XD )
Decisions, decisions!

Monday, October 28, 2013

LOL NOPE! Sorry everyone!

Hahaha I was going to post pictures of my suit but I need the laundry to be finished first XD oops!
I'm hoping to get some work done this week on my commissions and get them all caught up! But I also what to do a Halloween picture before Thursday and figure out who I'll be hanging with! xp I hope I can hang with some local furs and do a little trick or treating!

I'm thinking of pushing myself more and once I get the commissions done and posting one art piece a day for like a month and seeing how that goes XD I'm also going to make premade yarn tails to action off or simply sell... Not sure which yet!

Been playing scribblenuats!

Hahaha I really like it so far! I have a ways to go before I review it and eventually I'll be doing some kind of videos! I'm not sure what yet.

I've been playing unlimited and I think my favorite part about it is adding adjectives... Like making mean things nice and such. Also I've very much customized my character! XD

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lot's of stress lately

I'm not really sure what is stressing me so much or if maybe it's a combo of different things... I'm just hoping to find a cure for it soon!

Also I really hope our friends can come visit for Halloween! I still haven't decided what Empi is going as yet.... I'll put up a poll and see what you guys think!

I have to go clean but I hope to put something awesome up tomorrow!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My first visit!

So today was my first day visiting Walden since I graduated. I have to say it was really great to see everyone  but it was also sad. I really missed them but they have changed so much. I'm not sure if for the better or not but I hope things get better. I really wish the people we thought were going to be great would have stayed...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cleaning and working away!

I'm pretty happy with myself today because I really got some stuff done! I finished some sketches and I'm putting them up on my FA really soon. I hope I can do a little more later on the badges I owe and the ref sheet I keep having trouble with. I really should be better at keeping up with it all! I need to get this stuff done and work on some other stuff I can do faster and better. X_x We also cleaned the room today! :D

I'm also super excited about my suit still and still have no money to send to her and I should really get her some money! GAHH I need to work! I'll have to find something before I work at teddy bear again.....
The more of her suits I see being done the more I get excited to see her make mine! I will at some point talk about the suit but I'm not quite sure how I wan to do it....

Also check out my poll and help me decide what to post! Feel free to comment!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Rant of the day! More fursona problems!

Now I know it wasn't too long ago that I posted about the fursonas but it has come up again. This time much worse.

I found a fellow who had, and I'm not exaggerating, thirty five "fursonas". Yep.... I'm just going to post what I wrote in my fa journal (which is a true rant so I'm a little less polite!):

Yeah you read that right. I just accidentally played "Detective" onto a furs page who had 35 fursonas. Just fursonas.

They then had a whole list of "other characters" that was like 20 characters long.

then another complete for ponies that had at least ten.......

Almost all of their art was porn as well...... almost all, like they would have two pictures instead of three pages is safe for work mode was on.

Well guys, I have met the walking embodiment of the kind of fur I hate and never want to deal with. I don't say this lightly either. 

I found their page because they were causing a lot of trouble to a fursuit maker a few years back and I wanted to see if they ever got the suit they bitched so much about. It looks like they put up a huge stink over nothing and never got the suit but the art they had and the "fursonas" they had.....

Lets just say I haven't blocked an account and connecting accounts so fast in my life! Joking but not really.

I wouldn't care so much but 35 is excessive and just dumb. I understand one or two maybe three fursonas to really play up each character but if you have 35 different sides I probably already want nothing to do with you. How can you possibly care as much as you should about your fursona about 34 other characters at the same time. I could have this person wrong but from the stupid things they had posted and the *ahem* "fursonas" that they had I wanted nothing to do with them and blocked them before I started drama... bleh! 

I just feel that you can't have that many "fursonas" and have any of them be your actual fursona let alone all of them at once. It feels like this person wants as many characters as possible so they never have to settle on one and they call them all fursonas because of what I was talking about the last time I talked about this. 

I feel like this person uses fursona to describe any character that has any traits that even resemble traits they themselves have and this is simply stretching the word to cover ones own insecurities. I honestly think this person is very self centered or they wouldn't identify with so many characters so easily... I also think they make characters just to have characters of different species and colors so they always have something to draw instead of being a little more creative.

I only bring this up because their "fursonas" all have like three alter egos which are pretty much "Nina" "Nina evil" "Nina hoe" and other similar things that are almost redundant. I suppose I would be less critical if they weren't "fursonas" but were just characters because that's what they seem like. They could also use better names as some of them were BAD, like Egypt the Egyptian bad.... I just think this person could do a lot better but then I think of the big stink they put up and think I'm probably giving them too much credit.

I also have a problem with people who only have porn of their fursona(s). This person had an abundance of that. :/ I get that people like the roll playing side of it and such but this is a little ridiculous.

I guess I should put this under "furries ruin everything" even being furry x.x but it just upset me to think about how much my Runzi means to me and see this joker use the term on so many characters that probably don't mean anything but porn entertainment for them. I'm sure the character at the top of the list was probably their ACTUAL fursona but for whatever reason they felt they needed 34 others to fill some void. All I wish is that people would really respect the term fursona and not abuse the privilege of expressing oneself. It's like when assholes protest funerals because they "Have the right to", yes you do but you're completely abusing it like the douche nozzle you are! Whatever I need to stop yammering on about it and just move on.

Ok I think I'm about done... I'm only writing this to vent frustration so don't take this personally anyone! I'm just dumbfounded and saddened mostly :/ BLEH! I'll stop being a butt now!

oh well can't win them all X.x  "

This is exactly what I wrote and exactly how I feel. Many people commented saying that 35 was too much and that there were too many to be true fursonas. A fursona should be a very special character that really represents you as a person. I think this quote is a great example of what I'm trying to say!

"I think people have one sona that really is the animal embodiment of them, and then every one after that they lose a little bit of themselves when they have so many sonas, or honestly just dont know who they are."    -Saber Glo

I also feel that many of these "fursonas" were not well planned characters either. If you have ten "fursonas" and each one has multiple characters that are the fursona with a different trait then you don't have full characters.

Fursonas by default are usually well thought out characters because they are based off of real people with real traits and real characteristics. Fursonas tend to have faults as well as things they excel at based on a real person. This makes them very strong characters. This person had many versions of their characters to fit various descriptions instead of well thought out characters with pros and cons.

Not everyone has just one sona but I feel like it's easy to just have another character instead of really fleshing out the one you have.

I just think this person could do a lot better with less, but I may have to high hopes. People have the right to do what they want but I have the right to not like it and not be around them.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts! :3

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Let's chat about unoriginal pokemon! Rant of the day!

So the newest pokemon game just came out (x&y) and I hear even more whining about "unoriginal pokemon". People like to complain about pokemon like this:
Because "It's a sword how unoriginal!" but wait a minute I think this is pretty cool! It looks like some kind of cursed sword type of pokemon! That's really neat!

People need to stop complaining about unoriginal pokemon because there is no such thing! SURPRISE! There just isn't. If there was such a thing more people would complain about any of these "original" gen 1 pokemon:

A pokeball pokemon. (That evolves into a upside down pokeball pokemon.)


A rat named raticate.

Ekans.... Snake backwards, Turns into Arbok.... Kobra? oh cobra I get it!

There is nothing wrong with the new pokemon (or the old ones!) you all just want to whine about it! Stop being stupid and just play the game!

If we didn't have new pokemon we wouldn't have to cute and cool new ones either. There's nothing your whining will do about it except leave you with no one to complain to, so at least let the rest of us play in peace!

End rant! I'm just so sick of hearing this over and over you know? jeez! Anyway feel free to comment and follow the site or join it for more silly rants about silly things!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hanging out in new york! Site update!

I'm visiting some family in new york with my parents and my boyfriend! I missed them something awful! We went to a great Chinese place (like we usually do!) and are now hanging out on the couch chatting :)

I'm really glad we wet on this trip! I really needed a little time away from the house.

I'm also going to use this time to play video games to tell you about the new things I've added to this blog!

  • I updated the pages and will be doing more! Empire has her own page and I'll be updating a new page for my stuff!
  • I updated my poll and would love for you to check that out and tell me what you'd like to see!
  • I added the "What is furry?" page
  • Not quite an update but my wikifur is on there!
So thanks for reading my stuff and I hope you stick around! XD Feel free to comment!

Learn your lingo! Fursona!

Ok so in an earlier post I described furry and talked about it a little (also I have added a page on my blog that is a copy of the post so others don't need to look for it!). In the post (and page) I talk a little bit about what a "fursona" is (and before you read any more I would suggest looking at either of those!). This s also a bit of a rant in parts!

Now in the fandom there are a wide variety of furs (What furries call other furries) who all have different opinions and such which is normal for any group, but another normal thing for a group with mostly undefined terms is the fact someone will use those terms without knowing what they mean. Today I will be talking mostly about "fursona" and how people don't seem to know what it means.

I think this is perfect for what I mean!

Fursona and the use of it:
Well fursona means something different for everyone but is usually defined as a persons way of defining themselves. It's a bit like "if i was turned into an anthropomorphic animal right now what would I be?" and can be chosen/ figured out in many ways.

For instance, Runzi has been the animal/artistic representation I have used to portray myself since my grade school days. She became what she is now during middle school where I didn't have many roll models I liked and so she became everything I am and everything I wanted to be. She still is that way, in more ways than one she is "more me" than even I am most days. I often even think what would she be doing about this situation. She found me through my art and my friends and is a combination of things I like and what makes me, me!

Many people have made their fursona in similar ways and we all have a very strong connection to our fursonas. Knowing why your fursona is what he/she is can also be a good way of looking at yourself and who you are as a person! Sadly this great term is, by many peoples standards, used the wrong way.

Some people use the term as if to describe every character they make that has any traits like them. They usually have more than one or two "fursonas" and  have very little in common with them. I've even heard of a fur who would change her ENTIRE character to match her significant other every time she started a new relationship. There are more than a few things wrong with this.
1. if you can change everything about your character even its species more than once or twice every few years then chances are this character is not your fursona (this is different if you haven't found your fursona yet). If the character means so little to you that these changes can be made so easily it is also probably not your fursona.
2. if you change everything about who you are to be with someone chances are you'll be in a lot of relationships before anyone sticks around. (be yourself or your simply being fake and fake is not appreciated in a fandom that loves people feeling safe enough to be themselves or anywhere else for that matter). So as far as I can tell this person had a lot of issues with being herself and not what she thinks others want her to be.

People in the fandom need to realize that having multiple characters is good and very helpful for stretching your creative muscles! Have a true fursona (or two maybe three) and as many characters as you could possibly want!

I have many characters and only one is my fursona, the rest are characters that I like or portray parts of who I am but not all of me at once. for instance, Empire is my more open and child like character because that is a part of me I don't normally portray. I challenge myself to really become her when I put the suit on or play some of my games. (I have characters made of her in furcadia and feral heart!) She isn't really me but can be linked with a part of me. I love her a ton but Runzi is just more me!

Now I know some people have legitimate multiple fursonas and that is great, but those people are not who I'm talking about. Many people just don't seem to understand the word and simply use it for everything that has a trait that even resembles a trait they have.

SO in short know your lingo! If you want to add or contradict anything I've said feel free to comment! XD Thanks for reading!

Empire plays minecraft! (A fursuit adventure!)

I forgot that I haven't posted this! I played minecraft in fursuit! It's pretty simple and silly! If you wait until after the credits you'll see even more silliness! (also the silly Kitty dragon in the background is Ry'thal!)

I don't play many games these days but I'm glad I did this! I like playing minecraft and I'm sure I'll do another lets play like this one when I get the chance. I'm thinking of doing a fall weather video and would love to know what you guys think! Feel free to comment! and check out my poll!

Also if you like my stuff and want to get updates feel free to follow me and join this site!

(expect many more video's like this when I get Runzi! XD )

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rant of the day! Is helping people becoming bad?

There's this weird phenomenon going on that I just don't completely get. People are getting upset because people who are not trans*/gay/ any other oppressed people are supporting oppressed people. I understand that not all publicity is good publicity but with every person who tries to stand with them there are people being angry about it. WHAT?? WHY???

THE PEOPLE YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE MINDS OF ARE NOT A PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY! or you wouldn't have to change their minds! The oppressors need to see that what they are doing is wrong and people like them can persuade them more easily! Movements need support of others! Let others help you and it wouldn't be as much of a struggle. Not all "support" is good but many people have good intentions and truly want to help you so work with them and let them help!

You attract more flies with honey than vinegar and be nice to those who are doing you no harm. Also many "supporters" need to know what is helpful and harmful to speak about. You may be doing more harm than good if you meant it that way or not! Be mindful and educated!

ok end rant but I'm sure this will come up again...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dungeons and dragons and Runzi, oh my!

Well I have been playing D&D with my cousin and Ry'thal recently. (for those of you who play we were playing on pathfinder!) I sadly just don't get into it as much as they do and I wish it was a little more larp like... But I still have fun! I have to have a lot of things done by them because I've only played a few times. I think things will get better. I usually try to make my character Runzi but so far it's not compleatly her... hopefully I can make her in the game Ry'thal is making now...

Furry warning!
I will put this on all things I put up that don't have much to do with furry things so people don't have to read if they don't want to!

I REALLY WANT TO LARP AND PLAY D&D IN SUIT! I've worn Empi a few times for this but it's not the same :/ I think it's mostly a want to do tons of fun things in suit but I'm not sure XD I think it would be super fun to dress in period clothing and wear my suit to larps and renaissance stuff! I worry that Empire will break in a larp though....

Empire Plays Outside! A fursuit adventure (part 2)

I said I'd post it so here it is!
PART 2!!!! This is why silly huskaroos should't have cameras!

Not much to say about it that I haven't already said! *NO HUSKAROOS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO!* Hahaha enjoy!

Feel free to comment here or there! If you have an idea of something fun for me to do in suit I'm all ears!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Empire Plays Outside! A fursuit adventure! (part 1)

So here it is! I made this not too long ago with the help of my Necodrale! I'll be posting part two here tomorrow!
This was a quick video I did to update Empires pages including her youtube and the second video is the silly stuff we did while I was still being a Huskaroo but I had the camera!

Hope you guys like it and feel free to comment here or on the video!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Commissioning a fursuit!

So this is a great video by Kuhori and Graves that points out really important stuff you need to look at when deciding on a fursuit maker! I've made a couple of lists here that adds and goes over a lot of what they said. Watch the video it's worth it! Also their other videos are amazing too!

Things fursuit makers should know! (short list to be posted again with more info later!)

1. SEW SEW SEW! Fursuits need to be durable! look into what stitch is used for what part of a suit and use it! DO NOT glue the seams of any part of the suit.

2. Don't cut corners. If it's going to be a little over a deadline then tell the person that and take the time! It's much worse to get a bad review because you cut corners and the customer had problems than if you missed a deadline making sure the product was up to par!

3. symmetry is very important! People will notice and they wont be happy if it's not how it's supposed to be!

4. MARKINGS they need to be right. triple check with the person and make sure their ref is up to date!

5. if you have seen a design like the one you've been asked to make on another character or suit check with the commissioner on it! people do not enjoy when characters are "stolen" or copied. (yes the commissioner should already have looked int characters to make sure they haven't copied but sometimes it's a hard thing to check)

Things a fursuit buyer should know and look for when commissioning a suit! (also to be added to later)

1. know your character! have a ref of them and make sure little details are explained! If a maker misses something because you sent the wrong ref that's your fault!

2. Take a look at how suits are made! This will give you a good indication as to what things can easily be messed up! This will help you know what you're looking for in a suit! Like you will know if you want moving jaws or "follow me eyes" or realistic or toony! Looking into these makes sure you know exactly what your getting! (Also this should show you how hard these are to make and how you shouldn't bother the maker too much about your suit before it's your turn on their list!)

3. READ REVIEWS! Not just on the makers you are interested in but other makers as well. These will show you mistakes others have made in making suits and things that were super helpful to other suiters! like "the stitching on it fell apart, they should have used a ___ stitch instead" or "they put a pocket in the tail for me so I can get to my phone!"

4. MAKE SURE YOU HAVEN'T STOLEN A DESIGN!!!! Do your research before choosing a design! This is a very important point that Kuhori and Graves said quite a bit about it and they are very right! It really sucks to argue with someone who didn't check their facts and stole your design (intentionally or on accident). But if someone has stolen your design then you have to speak to them about it and be polite because they may have simply not seen yours! GET CREATIVE you can be anything, don't just be something because other people are!(I even know a fursuiter who is a purple platypus! Her fursuit is amazing!)
(You don't want to steal a fursona or any other character because you have no idea how much that character can mean to someone!)

5. Mind your budget! If you can't afford a suit at the moment wait until you can! (I'm in a little trouble because of this myself! NOT FUN) It is amazing but not if it's going to break the bank!

So I hope this was helpful to you! I hope more people get fursuits because you can never have enough! XD
Thanks for listening and watching and please feel free to comment and ask me questions if you have any!

Let's talk about Empire and other fursuit reviews!

So this video is a small review because most places that do fursuit reviews do not allow second hand suits to be reviewed. Which is dumb but I understand why... sort of. Anyway! I love Empire but fursuit makers should avoid some of the problems this suit has when making a fursuit. Also the maker commented on this and I'm not trying to bash her or anything just stating some stuff she could have done better.

I love reading and watching fursuit reviews and I think they are crucial to look at when deciding on a fursuit maker! Now most reviews are on older suits and shouldn't make or break your decision they are still a good indicator of things you should look into! I'll put up a post in a little while about things you should know when getting a suit and things makers should look into!

Video games!!!

So I've been playing some video games recently! I recently received a new Miku hatsune game project diva F! I've also fallen into the pokemon hype but I can't afford a 3DS so I've been playing Zeta instead!

So Pokemon zeta.... so far I like many of the things you can do in it and I'm sure there are many more fun things to do that I haven't discovered yet.... but that's the problem, I've been playing for seven hours and I'm barely past the first gym.... in the first town.... I love the detail and the game is really made for the fans but I hope when they get out of beta leveling up pokemon will be a little easier! I've bearly been able to get anywhere and it's becoming tedious!

I really like the look of pokemon x and y though. I might buy a 2DS and get it but untill then I'll just have to wait!

Monday, October 14, 2013


So this is what I've been waiting to talk about! I have very big news! I just posted a big thing about what the fandom is and what each part of it is and fun stuff like that so that even if you don't really know much about furries this post and others after it will make more sense and I hope you will all be excited with me!

So the big news is....... dun dun DUN! I'M GETTING A RUNZI SUIT!!!! YAAAAAAY!
I am so excited! I can't even imagine! I love Empire and I'm not going to stop using her but to put it plainly she isn't me, But Runzi is! Runzi is more me than even I am sometimes and I really can't wait to bring her to life! So you won't see less of Empire you'll just see more of Runzi!
So far I'll only be getting her head for now but if I have the money I will be getting paws or maybe a partial! I'm very very excited about this because I'm getting her from one of my personal favorite makers OMGPineapples!
You can find info on them here(fa page): Click me! or here(actual website): Click me!

If you have seen my blog before you may have seen this lovely lady (Gale Frostbane owned and worn by nexus folf) who was made by the very same maker!
See Gale's FA page here: Click me!!
I have tried Gale's head on before and she was a joy to wear! Many of our friends who suit agree that Gale is wonderfully well made! I am very excited to have a suit from the same maker!

So to sum things up I'M BEYOND EXCITED!!! I really hope I can get my stuff together in time to get Runzi before my birthday! She's supposed to be done near the end of December early January So if I can pay for her a little earlier than that I can have her here before my birthday and do something special! Although to be honest I don't care when I get her as long as I do get her! XD I'm sure you'll see many posts of me freaking out about this suit and how happy and excited I am!

What is furry?

So I realized that I never covered this topic and I talk about it a lot! I will now attempt to explain some stuff in a helpful way but feel free to comment with questions!

Furry fandom?
Now I am a part of the furry fandom, this means I love animals and the study of anthropomorphic animals. This means I love to see art of many types showing what animals would look like if they were more like people. For instance if they walked on two legs and talked. The amazing art and creativity in this fandom is overwhelming, I have been in many fandoms and I will dare to say none of them can compare in many ways to this one. (also fandom basically means group of people that are fans of something)
The dark side!
There is a dark side to the fandom but most of us really don't like that side and are not a part of it! Furries get a bad rap for the dumb people in the fandom but I promise you most of us are not like that!
This is all I'm going to say about it here.

Almost person in the fandom has some sort of creature that is a complete representation of themselves in almost every way, this character is them and as such is called their "fursona" (persona with fur instead of per, clever I know) People will usually commission art of their character and some even get costumes to dress up as said character! These characters are more than just a cool thing to do for most of the fandom, for most of us they are us in everyway and sometimes even more "us" than we are. The character allows us to truly be ourselves without judgment (everyone has some type of character so they don't judge others as much!).

quick lingo check in! I am a furry, my character is not, my character is a Fursona or a character. So Runzi is my fursona, Empire is a character I play, and I am the furry. Runzi and empire are not furries, they are characters I draw and act as.
(I mostly add this because it's very strange for people in the fandom to hear things like "that's a nice furry you have there" it's even stranger to hear it from someone in the fandom themselves)

These elaborate and very meaningful costumes are called "fursuits" or shortened to just "suits". Most fursuiters really try to become the character they play while wearing the suit and when one has to take off a paw or a head to do something it is called "breaking the magic" and is severely frowned upon in public by other members of the fandom (basically if your going to fursuit do it right and respect the fact you've become a performer for others also don't ruin some poor kids day by being caught out of character). At conventions and closed furry gatherings it is less of a problem but is still rather frowned upon. Many people will be told off at conventions for breaking the magic because there are separate rooms specifically set aside for them to de-suit and cool of in.(affectionately called headless lounges!)

Fursuit facts! 
Fursuits are tremendously expensive because every suit is different, custom made, and usually compleatly tailored to a specific person! They range in price from around $600 to $3,000 and up.
Most suits are very durable and should be for that price!
There are just as many female fursuiters as male if not more. (Not all of us are dudes thanks!)
They have giant blind spots! Most of them are very hard to see out of so don't be sad if they don't see you wave!
They can get very hot very quickly! Just inside of one fursuiters head after being worn for less than an hour was above 100 degrees! (if they make gestures like they are too hot they might not stop for pictures)
They are (mostly) quite hard to move around in! We bump into things a lot and might not even notice.
Most hand paws (paw like gloves) don't work very well at lifting or articulating things.
Most of these suits are very personal items and very important to the wearer! (Empire means so much to me and she isn't even my fursona!)

IMPORTANT! BEING IN COSTUME DOESN'T MAKE IT ALRIGHT TO GRAB OR HARASS ANYONE! Sadly this needs to be stated! It's true many fursuiters will give you hugs if you want them or take pictures but 99% of them do not touch you unless they know you're ok with it, so don't touch them unless they say it's ok! I say this only so you know that they will be upset most of the time.

I'll probably post more on these subjects but I think this is a nice overview! Like I said if you have any other questions or want me to add anything just let me know! Also if this sounds cool and interesting to you I urge you to contact me and I can show you more of the fandom and help you join in the fun!

(if something is off about this I apologize! It ended up being longer than I thought!)

FURSUIT STUFF!!! (part 1)

Ok so I know many people only come to my blog to see fursuit stuff so I'm going to start talking about that here! Also I'm sure it will come up again later!

So first off I'm going to talk about Empire! YAY! Hahaha I know very surprising! I've done some really fun crazy stuff with her so far!

This one was taken at the Massachusetts Fur Bowl! Not a great picture but it was still cute! I tried the glowstick eye trick! My boyfriend and I had an amazing time out with our friends and spent lots of time hanging out before and after the meet! (if you can get to mass for one of the fur bowls I greatly recommend it!)

Also went to a few local meets and had a ton of fun!

For some reason I can't find any pictures of the most recent meet but when I do you can find them here!
Find everyone's FA pages here:
(also my Ry'thal was too hot this meet to suit up but he still had fun!)

I'm going to put the videos I've made up in another post or maybe each in their own post soon!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sort post on pets!

So I want to put up pictures of all of our pets so I won't write much here!

But we have three cats, two dogs, two gerbils, four chikens, and a ferret so we have quite the menagerie! Xp

Like I said pictures later!

First off walden

This is a hard one for me because I loved that program so much. It really helped me realize what I was capable of and how to do what I loved to better myself. The Walden project was one of the best things I've ever done and I will never regret it. It really helped me learn who I was and that I would find the right people to be around by honoring who I was. I am very sad that my time there is done and I suppose my last year could have been better but I still had the time of my life.

I worry about what will happen to it now and how it will change. I don't ever want it to end because I know that without it I would have given up on any kind of school and I don't want that opportunity lost to others like me.

I know I will visit and be upset but I know I still need to visit.

So new walden kids watch out because I will tear you a new butt hole if you screw this up for others!

So hi again!

I typed up a big long nicely written piece for you all but it never saved to drafts so I'm pretty pissed at the mobil app.

Anyway I will be writing different post today and tomorrow to get (those who want to be) caught up. Also they will all be categorized by title. So it will say something about fursuiting or walden or whatever in the title so if you don't want to read about it you don't have to (since a lot of this is just for me anyway!).

I'm not sure yet what will come first or even what of these few months I rwally aant to talk about but I'll probably start with walden to get it off my mind then move to art and fursuiting and other madness after that. Hmm I suppose work will fit in there somewhere also... briefly....

Anyway expect that!